It's As Easy As...

1. Select Your Day

Select a day for your people to pickup the fresh food boxes. You can run one EVERY WEEK if you’d like!

2. Determine Your Donation

Each pickup point can add a specific % of markup for charity to the items sold. This helps to pay for overhead and generate revenue.

3. Promote the Event

Promote the event via email, social media and your website. Don’t worry, we will provide you with a branded marketing kit!

4. Customers Order

Customers will place orders online using credit or debit cards. No payment or transaction will take place day of.

5. Distribute Orders

On your specified delivery day you will receive the items and distribute to customers in their vehicles.

6. Receive Your Proceeds

You will receive your proceeds 7-10 days after each event. Local charitable organizations will receive their food at an agreed upon time.

Interested in Becoming a Pickup Point?

The Distributed Grocery model relies on two critical components – distributors and pickup points. Pickup points are crucial to the no-contact operation and reduction in the transmission of the virus.

There is no cost to become a pickup point. Pickup points can add a small markup to each box enabling them to compensate staff, generate a new revenue stream, and/or donate to the charity of their choice. Every pickup point is mandated to donate a portion of their proceeds or product to local food banks to support those in need.

Almost ANY private or public commercial facility can become a pickup point provided they meet the drop-off and support criteria. We encourage you to support your community by signing up today!

Sign Up Now!

Don’t worry…you’ll receive a Pickup Point Launch Package including branded promotional materials, a landing page, shopping cart, and support F.A.Q!

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